Have you ever pondered how fortunate we are to live in the Wimmera?


Many of us make a choice to move here or remain here for a multitude of reasons.


I reflect on this when I hear a minority of people ‘canning’ the place because it may not deliver on their outrageous expectations of life.


Let us dwell on the wonderful ‘quality of life’ we enjoy with low unemployment, low living costs, great schools and importantly caring and involved people.


How fortunate we are to not spend 10 – 20 hours per week commuting. We are not off the grid, but the contrary applies, where many locals work nationally and internationally, as required. Concerns about career prospects are often unfounded with national wage rates applying in Horsham as elsewhere.

But the difference is the cost of living is significantly lower, especially housing (often 50% lower).


The point of difference in living in a regional location is embodied in the question, “are you a giver or a taker?” If you live in the Wimmera and enter into the spirit of the community by contributing in any way from the arts to table tennis, dancing to hot rods…you will be repaid handsomely.


The Wimmera region is a powerhouse in agriculture. Agriculture can encompass everything from farming to agri-research to international trade.


We need outstanding, well educated people to drive our technologically advanced agricultural future.


Wind and Solar technology is at the forefront of our technological future, together with mining and transport. We don’t necessarily need men with shovels, but we do need skilled operators, technicians, accountants, lawyers, carpenters, engineers, surveyors etc, etc.


Ask yourself “what is it we are missing in the Wimmera?” and consider answering that perhaps you could be the one to assist filling the gap.


Our future is in our hands!